Realme Buds Q True Wireless Earbuds

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  • Master Design

  • 20-Hour Total Playback

  • 10mm Large Driver

  • Instant Connection

Intelligent Touch Controls


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Battery life 20 Hours
Bluetooth 5.0
Brand Realme
Charging Port Micro USB
Color Quite Yellow, Quite White, Quite Black


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Realme Buds Q Music Never Ends

Exquisite Design

Over a period of 180 days, José Lévy and the realme team worked on the design of realme Buds Q, iterating over 200 times, and fine-tuned the curvature of the G3 curve to give you a cobble-like design that is mellow and comfortable. Composed of countless curves, the surface adopts 9μm spark pattern technology to achieve the advanced frosted texture so that you can experience the original quality of cobbles in your hands.

Ultra-Light # Lighter than a sheet of A4 paper.

realme Buds Q, weighs only 3.6g and is made of light but strong PC+ABS special polymer composite. The ergonomic coracoid structure can perfectly fit in the ear canal, providing comfort even when wearing for a long time. * " 3.6 g " *Data comes from the realme Lab. The weight of a piece of A4 paper is 4.3g approximately.

Small Size, Big Battery

Even with its small size, each bud has a 40mAh built-in battery. Together with a large 400mAh battery in the charging case, realme Buds Q has up to 20 hours battery life, which can easily allow all-day use.

20 Hours Total Playback

  • 4.5 Hours Single continuous music listening time

  • 5 Hours Single continuous gaming time

  • 3 Hours Single continuous calling time

  • 6 Hours Single continuous video watching time

Incredible Sound Experience

realme Buds Q features a 10mm large Dynamic bass boost driver with premium PEEK&PU special polymer composite diaphragm. As a result, you get clear vocals in mid & high range frequencies as well as powerful bass for an incredible sound experience.

Powerful Bass

With Dynamic Bass Boost(DBB) solution, the bass is more powerful and deep, and gives the same experience as in a concert.

Instant Connection with Bluetooth 5.0

The realme Buds Q comes with a powerful R1Q chip that supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Therefore, you can connect Buds Q with your phone in the time you open the case and take them out.

Super Low Latency Gaming Mode

The R1Q chip supports dual-channel real-time transmission technology, and the two buds can stay connected to the phone independently. Moreover, the Gaming Mode drastically reduces the latency to 119ms. The result is perfect sync between audio and visuals while watching movies or playing games.

  • Double-tap Play/pause music | Answer a call

  • Triple-tap Go to next song

  • Press and hold one side End call

  • Press and hold both sides Enter/Exit Gaming Mode

realme Link App, Customize your Buds

The realme Buds Q supports the all-new realme Link App, which adds Buds Q to realme's AIoT ecosystem. Open the App, and you are free to customize the touch controls of your Buds Q.

IPX4 Water Resistance, No Worries.

The realme Buds Q also features IPX4 water resistance to prevent sweat and rain from damaging the device, giving you full sense of reliability.

  • 10,000 times Power on/off test

  • 2,000 times Charging port stability test

  • 5,000 times Charging port plug in/out test

  • 7,000 times Micro drop test

  • -50/75℃ 168hrs Temperature test


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